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Health services offered with compassion

Individuals who need nursing services at home deserve to receive assistance from nurses who are always available to help manage their health needs. To ensure that our clients receive support in addressing their health issues and medication administration, we offer private duty nursing care services. Our nurses can monitor health conditions, maintain records of clients’ progress, and assist them in performing activities recommended by their doctors to help improve their health.

What types of Private Duty nursing care services are provided by hope and harmony home care?

Most people need nursing services at their homes on a permanent basis. So, Hope and Harmony care provide private nursing services to you to manage your health needs. Our nurse will not only take care of your health but also monitor your health condition on daily basis as well as maintain a record of the progress of your health and will also assist you in performing other activities suggested by doctors to help you in improving your health. Our main aim is to provide physical support and assistance in the hard times of your loved ones and help them to live again independently and comfortably. Our nurses are well trained and understand the requirements of clients so they can improve their health while living in their own homes.

Why Private duty nursing care service is important?

Private nursing is very important for the patients who are alone or unable to monitor their health and optimize the status of the health of patients as the private nurses take care of only one patient at a time. The duration of private nursing services is irregular and not permanent in nature but it plays a critical role in improving the health of patients. Private Nurses are a primary caregiver who builds a strong bond and connection with the patient. Private nursing also relieves the family of the patient and reduces their burden, duty, and responsibility towards observing the health of the patient and carrying out complete treatments.

Services Offered in Private nursing:

Private Duty Nursing care mainly includes a broad range of home care services like:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Medication management
  • Wound and dressing care
  • Ventilator care
  • Injections & therapy
  • Ostomy and catheter hygiene
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Other special medical equipment and technology needs

Hope and Harmony care generally provide full-time, part-time nurses on the basis of your requirements. We aim to give the top quality of care services to our clients as “Your trust is our key of success”.

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